Paper sejarah 2013!!

  • New format will be used for SPM Sejarah in year 2013, in conjunction with its status as a must-pass subject.
  • The new format is approved in the “Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Kurikulum Pusat.
The SPM Sejarah subject will be tested with 3 papers involving:
  1. Paper 1 (1249/1) – Multiple-Choice Questions
  2. Paper 2 (1249/2) – Structure and Essay
  3. Paper 3 (1249/3) – ‘Tugasan’ (loosely translated as “Tasks”)
Paper 1 SPM Sejarah 2013 (1249/1)
  • 40 objective questions with a weightage of 30%.
  • Total marks here will be 40 marks.
  • Paper duration is an hour.
Paper 2 SPM Sejarah 2013 (1249/2)
  • The paper is divided into 2 sections.
  • In Section A, there are 4 compulsory subjective structured questions worth 40 marks (with each questions beings 10 marks).
  • In Section B, students are given 7 essay questions to choose from, from which students are required to answer 3 essay questions worth a total of 60 marks (with each question being 20 marks).
  • Total marks are 100 marks.
  • The weightage of this paper is 50%, which is also the highest among all the three papers.
  • In this paper, students are given 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the paper.
Paper 3 SPM Sejarah 2013 (1249/3)
  • In this paper, students are given a “task”, where the general theme/title will be notified to students a month prior to the date of the Paper 3 SPM Sejarah.
  • However, the actual detailed title of the task will only be announced on the exact examination day.
  • This task bears a weightage of 20% with a total of 100 marks.
  • Students are allowed 3 hours to complete this paper.
General for all 3 papers
  • All papers covers the entire syllabus of Form 4 and Form 5 Sejarah/History.
  • The difficulties are appropriate for students towards the end of their Form 5 studies.


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